Since I'm getting my Masters degree now, I'm not working in industry at the moment; instead, I spend my time at the Media Lab. But this page has some information on the work I did before I joined the Lab.

HighWire Press

I was most recently a Journal Developer at HighWire Press. This means that I put together and maintained several journal sites. I did this by using Perl, XML, HighWire's homegrown templating language, and a dash of optimism.

Here are some sites I worked on:

And here are some of the great people (and pups!) I worked with.

Previous (non-academic*) jobs I've had:

Simulation Software Engineer at AuSIM (2001)
  • Developed interactive, real-time 3D audio simulation
  • Completed contract work for NASA, including: tracker-computer communication, unwarp filter, visualization tools (C, C++, MATLAB)
  • Developed interactive OpenGL applications
  • Responsible for dealing with mathematical challenges of 3D sound simulation
  • Represented company at SIGGRAPH graphics conference in Los Angeles
Technical Intern at Rockwell Science Center (2000)

One of three principal developers of AWARE project, a web-based weather briefing and reporting tool for general aviation pilots:

  • Helped design, implement, and test Bayesian network (Java, Hugin)
  • Created interface with Oracle database (Java, SQL)
  • Constructed decision analysis display and user interface (Java)
  • AWARE team achieved Gold Rating from Rockwell for its outstanding technical accomplishments that summer

*A good deal of my work experience has been in academic environments. More on that here.