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I finished my Master's degree at the MIT Media Lab in August 2008, in the Hyperinstruments group. My work lies at the intersection of music information retrieval and information visualization.

The Media Lab Masters program is two years long; we spend about half of our time taking classes, and the other half doing research. I developed and wrote my thesis during the latter part of my second year.

My main research projects while at the Media Lab:

For other projects, please see the projects page.

Completed coursework:

Fall 2007
Signals, Systems, and Information for Media Technology
Musical Aesthetics and Media Technology
Spring 2007
Sensor Systems for Interactive Environments. Final project: "Sleep Tracker"
Neural Coding and Perception of Sound
Fall 2006
Electronics Laboratory ("Physics 123"). Photos
Principles of Electronic Music Controllers. Final project: "Continuous Keyboard"

Great people I've had a chance to work with here:

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