the best thing i learned today is probably the best place to see what I'm having fun with these days.

One of my favorite things to do is rock climb. When I was in Northern California, I used to climb at Planet Granite in Belmont, the Stanford climbing gym, and sometimes out at Castle Rock. But since I've moved out to Cambridge, I mostly climb at the MIT wall, and on outings with MITOC.

Here I am at Joshua Tree, on my first 5.10. Blood blisters and general abrasions followed.

And here I am on Thin Air at Cathedral in New Hampshire, my first multi-pitch. (Hover over the photo!)

I like dioramas and, in general, things in miniature. Here is one of my own miniature scenes (made from toothpicks, rubber bands, paper, and aluminum foil):



I've been lucky to travel to some strange and wonderful places. Hopefully there will be many more.
[See my photos page for pictures of some of the places I've been.]

Playing with GPS